Saigon is in the rainy season, looking through the glass and see people hurry to find shelter, we miss the scorching hot days of Singapore.

The journeys we’ve been through are always marked by difficulties and challenges, but on that journey, we recognize many valuable lessons.

The flight to Singapore brings energetic, ambitious and aspiring youth to explore a new country. Despite the anxiety, the curiosity and the enthusiasm of each participant are much bigger.

After landing at Changi Airport and moving to the campus, a visit to some of Singapore’s famous landmarks awaits them. Young people have loaded themselves with an ocean of knowledge about the history, country, people, and places of Singapore Island

On the 2nd day, attendees will be able to bathe themselves in their thoughts, questions, and knowledge at Google Singapore, at the “English Communication” workshop.

At Walton International, young people also have the opportunity to better understand themselves through an interesting and illustrative sharing of the DISC system — a system for analyzing psychology and human behavior.

In Singapore, Chinese, Indians, and Malays live in harmony under one roof. Therefore, the culture of this island is extremely diverse.

After visiting and studying at the prestigious Yale-NUS university, the young people have spent the rest of their days exploring Singaporean culture, from tradition to modernity.

After days of learning a lot of knowledge, skills, and thinking, today is an opportunity for participants to be able to play truthfully with “Amazing Race”.

The tough puzzles, the challenging games, which challenge the spirit of solidarity and eagerness of young people, completely push them away from their own safety zone.

Humans are born from nature, so the rope that connects people and nature is very intense.

On the fifth day of the trip, young Vietnamese had a chance to visit the largest mangrove forest in Singapore — Sungei Buloh, where most of the trees are planted by humans.

Then they are taught about the history of Singapore by the enthusiastic trainer Mr. Warren Eng at the Botanic Garden, where they are completely immersed in a beautiful and majestic nature,…

The participants officially said goodbye to the beautiful country of Singapore, which has generously welcomed them to study and experience in the past 5 days.

Thank you for always watching, supporting and accompanying the Lead The Change Exchange Trip 2018.

Wish you always full of energy, apply the mindset you have learned to change yourself and lead the younger generation.


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