Training Center

            The training center offers a global training that focuses mainly on the improvement of soft skills. Weekly courses are proposed to candidates so as to permit them to enhance a list of about ten soft skills such as teamwork, communication or problem solving. Nowadays, such skills are of paramount importance in business world. This is the very reason why many of our partners such as Unilever or Coca-Cola come and participate to our courses. The purpose of the training for the candidates is to improve their own qualities and capability.
The training will enable them to open their mindset, look into the world with different eyes and most important maybe, candidates will certainly change the way they used to approach the world. The presence of our partners is a great opportunity for them to learn and to connect with global experts. This training center represents a strong occasion for candidates to jump out of their comfort and to acquire strong soft skills which turn out to be crucial and essential for business today.

Community Building and Management
Community Building and Management is a talent hub in which experts and youth share experiences, know-how and information. It can be depicted as a learning center in which everyone can be trained and can develop a certain way of thinking and working. Our community puts experts and youth together in order to allow them to get advices, information and guidance for their projects. The interaction between them, whether it be experts to youth or the contrary, is a good way to learn, unlearn and relearn. The Online Group, with its daily contains and monthly workshops are a well-spring of information for everyone.The purpose of such a community is to enable its members to have the opportunity to brainstorm on an idea, a project and to get proper recommendations, views and instruction. This community constitutes a great center for creating relationships and for youth to be supported and guided. Experts and youth have then access to different perspectives which represents a rewarding experience. At the end of the day, such initiatives help the younger generation to be more confident, to have the good keys to step into the business world and to develop a more mature mindset.

Vietnamese Talent Incubator

Our incubator’s purpose and role is to support and to reinforce creation of new businesses and activities at their beginning: initialization, conception of the idea and first development, and this during a competition. Young entrepreneurs benefit from serious accompaniment during all the competition: they write their Business Plan and their executive summary in the best condition. Indeed, they have access to investors and to experts. Candidates have the possibility to share experiences and networks of our partners. As a result, they can develop their projects and ideas in the best condition and they have the opportunity to give strength and ambition to their projects.
The competition depicts an inspiring environment for candidates. It is a formative experience during which candidates improve themselves and enhance their skills. Throughout the competition, candidates will learn to be more creative. They will learn what an entrepreneurial approach is: how can their idea be viable in the market?
This experience enables candidates to enter the market with strong tools and to be aware of the difficulties of the current world-business model.