UEH CONNECTED: was established as a non-governmental organization on July 11th, 2016 when Mr. Cong-Thang HUYNH wanted to create a community for the Vietnamese youth with activities and support services that would help them to fill the gap and the lack of skills, knowledge, attitude, and networks. Today, we are a large youth community in HCMC, serving more than 5800 members with a variety of programs and activities.

The vision of our organization is to help the youth to open mindset, improve skills, share value and lead their lives.

Our mission is as follows:
  1. Raise awareness and orientation
  2. Improve mindset and skills
  3. Build youth ecosystem

Started in late 2016, now UEH Connected is mainly working in a Group and Fanpage on Facebook. We operate a nonprofit multipurpose facility by a Founder and 5 active members in core-team with fellowships and volunteers from universities.

Our activities include:


o   Sharing every day about skills, knowledge, and attitude that the youth should prepare for their job, their life.

o   Online speakers, who are lecturers, entrepreneurs, experts in some majors, with whom youth can speak, perform and discuss what they are interested in

o   Inform weekly about recruitments, scholarships, competitive, events…


We hold workshops for the youth to have a chance connecting with CEO, Manager, and Startup … and sharing value.

o   Workshop internal: only for members in UEH Connected group.

o   Workshop external: for everyone.

        Mentoring 1on1

Program for selected youth to have trained and oriented for their future.

–   Lead the Change training Program

–   Lead the Change competition

–   Lead the Change exchange trip

Non profit is our facility makes us unique from the other communities and allows us to play a vital role in our community.”

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